My lovely Indonesia

This story tells us about my Indonesia. How a beatiful Indonesia. You can find many things in Indonesia, especially in my city Yogyakarta, Central Java. When you come to my city, you will find mountain and also beach (south sea).

We call Mount Merapi, one of active volcano mountain in Indonesia, will take 30 minutes from central city (Malioboro). And we have many nice beaches, in Bantul (Parangtritis Beach) and in Wonosari (Wedi Ombo, Drini, Kukup, Krakal, etc). For going to them, it takes long about 1 hour from central city.

Many plants can grow in my land. Somekind not usual in my city are coconut tree can grow in cold area and pine tree can grow in hot area. You can find many species of trees in my city. We are located in trophical area. This picture below is called teratai.

And also we have green land for fulfill our main food (rice). We called SAWAH. People who work in sawah are called PETANI (PAK TANI). Please enjoy my Indonesia, especially my Yogyakarta. Smiley This story is dedicated for my best friends, Rebecca and Martin.

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