Momentum of the Live Event Industry

No longer the event organizer just being a night watch during their event. It is the era where live event gaining its momentum!

By mentioning momentum above it is not only about the interest on it but as business. Taking example of music industry while no longer can not depend on their physical album or track sales as the prime income. 
The digital era turns on the table for the music industry, shifting their strategy to gain profit through selling live music of the artist resulted in a whole year album promotion tour around the world. Affected in a good way, event industry gaining a lot more from it while also talking on being affected by the digital era.

Not having intention to make it sounds confusing, but to make it short here comes the era for the event industry to take a profit from that circumstances above. As mentioned previously on the talk of digital era that also affected the event industry, here comes the name of RFID.

Actually the technology already around for quite sometimes, being used in the automotive industry. Radio frequency identification system or widely known as RFID is a technology to facilitate wireless data transfer technology. Applied to the event industry as a solution for the guest management problem, at first. By saying at first, actually the function of the tech shift wide enough to be presented as a cashless payment system nowadays.

The cashless payment system is where the event industry realizes that there is a chance for them to cashing that cashless. It is not baseless assumption as it is already proven theory by numerous studies that said comes the time while the event industry could explore their profit revenue in so many ways, and as friendly as it gets to the guest attendee.

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